Richard Blair – The Man Behind Wealth Solutions

According to Wealth Solutions, an Investment Advisory firm that was established by Richard Blair, renting your house on Airbnb is not as lucrative as many people may think. This kind of arrangement may get you the easy and quick cash you want, but is it worth the risk? To begin with, you—the tenant will be fully liable for any damage and injuries that may be cause by your guests to your neighbors. Again most insurance firms today do not cover for such short-term rentals. This being the case, you may need to think twice before deciding to rent your house to travelers. Wealth Solutions firm is dedicated to offering tailor-made investment advice to its clients, with regards to such matters.

The Man Behind The Firm

Based in Austin, Texas, the Wealth Solutions Investment Advisory Company was founded by Richard Blair. At the time of its formation, Blair had one main objective for the firm; his objective for the firm was to make individuals, small business owners and families prosper financially. Currently, Wealth Solutions is a popular firm that offers wealth management solutions through a wide range of financial products and services.

As a young adult, Blair had a passion for education. Some of his relatives, including his mother, wife and grandmother, were teaches. As such Blair had the opportunity to witness how teaching could improve one’s confidence and knowledge. He came to realize that combining this teaching ability with finance could be very beneficial to individuals as well as business owners, with regards to their investments and financial planning. In 1993, Blair decided to venture into the financial services industry and later founded the Wealth Services firm in 1994.

Blair’s Financial Specialties

Richard Blair is currently one of the well renowned financial advisers in the industry with specialties in such areas as:

• Estate and Trust
• Investment
• Annuity
• Retirement income

In addition to his more than 20 years of experience in the business, Blair is a certified annuity specialist, fund specialist estate and trust specialist, tax specialist, retirement income and retirement income.

Throughout the years he has been in the business, Blair has managed to hone his expertise and knowledge in the industry. As such, he is qualified and certified to offer advice; hence help his clients make informed financial decisions, such as bridging the gap between planning for and living after retirement. Blair is a family man and loves spending time with Joanne, his wife, and their three kids. He also likes playing golf, bike riding, family vacations and exercising.

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Real Estate Industry with TOWN Residential

The real estate industry is among the core industries that steers forward the growth of a nation’s economy. The growth of technology is a substantial factor that is driving the growth of the real estate sector. The New York City is no exception. The New York City realty market is experiencing significant growth in all its aspects. The commercial real estate in the NYC is increasingly seeing the successful completion of more and more projects by adept real estate experts. Numerous large-scale commercial real estates are being proposed for the NYC.

In June, the NYC saw formal propositions for several massive office projects. Among the projects is an almost one million-square-foot office project in Long Island City. The developer has filed permits this year for the two connected towers, One and Three Gotham. This has gone on record as one of the largest projects to have ever been proposed formally in the city. This is according to the data compiled by Property Shark of the Department of Buildings in New York City. There are other nine massive projects in the city including residential buildings and hotels. All these projects will significantly influence the growth and development of the NYC.

TOWN Residential is one of the leading real estate firms specializing in NYC apartments for rent. Andrew Heiberger, who is the company’s CEO, founded the company in 2010. He also serves as the co-chairperson to the enterprise. The company has been successful in all its real estate undertakings in the NYC real estate market. All the achievements that TOWN Residential has accomplished have resulted in an excellent reputation of the company in New York. Andrew serves alongside his co-chairperson Joseph Sitt, who they have together made the company establish strong grounds in the New York real estate industry.

TOWN Residential primarily focuses on the selling, marketing, and leasing of high-quality property developments. The company has a unique culture and winning formula, which distinguishes it from its competitors. With excellent service delivery and a professional culture, TOWN Residential has set higher standards of the realty service provision in the New York City. The company boasts of its professional real estate representatives, who are versatile and serve vast areas in the realty market. The firm has a team of professionals with unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the real estate industry.


How IAP Worldwide Makes the Difference

Companies that operate on a global level are always a big deal, but providers like IAP Worldwide make the difference. How does IAP make the difference? Global logistics are used on a daily basis, as well as the management of facilities is an everyday endeavor. Technical services is a major part of society, helping to manage the every move of a business and personal interaction. The unique position of IAP is that they serve both the private and public sector.

What are the day-to-day actions that are taken by IAP? There are numerous duties that are carried out by IAP worldwide. If a natural disaster were to strike, IAP is the company that you can rely on to put a rescue mission together quickly. How a mission is carried out from a tactical perspective is everything. This is just one of the reasons that so many groups and organizations have called upon the expertise of IAP to help them in an emergency situation.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

The implementation and coordination for military installations is a big job and requires proper planning along with prompt execution. Once a mission has been announced the timing is critical. This is why the military and other organizations cannot do rescue missions on their own. IAP takes pride in serving the customer, regardless of what type of customer it is or what their mission is. The ability to serve people is the focus for IAP. With more than 60 years experience, IAP is the first choice for those who need to move their mission into the flow and do so quickly.

IAP is also known for taking its mission and values seriously. The customer’s goals are the number one priority, and the company is also focused on being future-minded. Do you consider your company to be diverse? If so, you are in good hands with IAP. This company is driven to help those that share similar values as well as those who are very different. Most of all, it’s all about problem-solving for IAP. The greatest way to run a business is through the ability to help others solve problems. IAP is ready to help your organization solve problems today and every day.

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The Natural Ingredients Used in WEN by Chaz Provide Amazing Results

An online beauty site such as Total Beauty, allows people to upload personal blogs about experiences they have had using different products. An article posted by one young woman was about her experience using Wen hair by Chaz for the first time. She decided to keep a journal of the days she used the product, which she enhanced with color photos of her hair. The journal takes place over one week, during which time she only missed using the product one day. On the day she didn’t use it, she writes about how her hair felt greasy and had less body. The young woman’s objective in trying the product in the first place was to see if it would give her hair more body and shine, which she ultimately concludes that it did.
Made From Natural Ingredients

One reason why WEN hair by Chaz provides people with the results they are looking to obtain is because of the ingredients. Each Sephora endorsed variety of WEN cleansing conditioner is made from natural plant extracts or botanical. The compounds found within these plants contain properties that help nourish and restore damaged hair. This is especially helpful for individuals who frequently use styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers. The lavender variety of WEN helps soothe damaged hair so it actually relaxes to reduce or eliminate the appearance of frizz.

The fact that WEN by Chaz is made from natural ingredients also means it is safe enough to be used on a daily basis. The plant extracts are designed to clean the hair and scalp without removing all of the natural oils necessary for a healthy head of hair. The product acts as both a cleanser and conditioner to revive and restore dull, limp and dry hair. It is also safe for use on color treated hair.

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SEC Whistleblower Attorneys Are Here to Help You

The 2008 financial meltdown affected the lives of almost every American. From home foreclosures, job losses, investment losses, to a global economic turmoil. The unfortunate incidents characterized the culmination of years of irregularities in the financial sector. What if you were in a position to stop such an unfortunate event happening?

Analysts reckon that full blown malpractice, including insider trading, pollution, irregular financial reporting, medical malpractices among others, all start with minor infractions before escalating. SEC through the whistleblower attorney program continues to rip benefits when citizens make that ultimate choice to report fraud. Courageous informants have benefited from careful guidance by whistleblower lawyers and firms.

The SEC whistleblower program is a product of the Dodd-Frank Act whose objective is to encourage, protect and facilitate the process of reporting crimes of economic nature. The level of reporting is always wanting. People tend to assume criminal behaviors even when it would cost them nothing to report. Economic crimes are no different.

One of the main concern is fear. Sometimes you never know what you are up against when you choose to report an economic crime. The SEC identified the need to assure the public and potential whistleblowers that they are safe. Lawyers help you carefully navigate the terrain until you receive full benefits. The privacy, job protection and the security of the person are guaranteed. Apart from that, SEC purposed to award 10-30% the value of the reported infraction.

Whistleblowing is a judicial process in every sense of the word. You are expected to disclose all information necessary to the case. To guide you through the process, you need a SEC whistleblower attorney. These lawyers are trained to handle all related cases. Notice that though crime reporting does not mean the end of your career, it can and has been a major career suicide decision. Companies tend to retaliate especially if you remain unguided in the process, your rights, and your benefits.

There are many SEC whistleblower attorneys in the country. They offer consultation and representation throughout the process. SEC offers translation services, and when you report an infraction, you can always do so anonymously.

SEC fraud report attorneys ensure that you receive all benefits. Previous financial awards have seen individuals, not publicly mentioned, receive up to $6Million. Such a financial reward is enough to retire early and enjoy the fruits of your integrity. Apart from this reward, there is the feel-good effect that you may have prevented an Enron or a Lehmann Brothers’ kind of situation from happening.


Keith Mann Supports NYPD

Keith Mann is someone who has a balanced view on matters. One example of a balanced view is how he views the NYPD. While there are many people who believe that the police in the NYPD are not that effective in handling the real problems, Keith Mann understands that they are doing their jobs. There have been a lot of protests when it comes to the police. There have also been acts of violence surrounding the force. If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that there is a social stigma against the police force. However, Keith and Keely Mann have made an effort to give thanks to the precinct on 54th street by sending them lunch.

Keith Mann has an uncle who is a detective. Therefore, he also has a connection to the police force. Keith Mann believes that the police should be thanked for their services as opposed to attacked for trying to maintain the safety of the community. One thing that he tries to remind others is that the police are human beings and have families. They have feelings and are actually quite diverse in their mentalities when it comes to civilian society.

Keith Mann is very passionate about his community and wants people to live peacefully among each other. The police are needed in order to help regulate and facilitate the peace of the community. Among the many things that Keith and Keely Mann has done for their community was provide scholarships for students that are working towards their goals in being an entrepreneur. Keith Mann is also a founder of Dynamics Search Partners, an investment firm in which he makes investments and profits from the market. He is also involved in the fundraising for schools so that they can provide higher quality education.


Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers

I have seen corporate companies fall. Everyone that has seen companies fall knows that there is a weakness in the corporate structure, and it often is linked back to the compliance officer. I think that there is less corruption in some areas of corporate America, but that is only in places where there are strong people like Helane Morrison. She is one of the most powerful compliance officers of our time, and her spot at Hall Capital is well deserved. I have followed her career over the years, and she has really made her mark.

I think that a lot of people are aware of the type of career that she has led in the past if they have researched her. Her background is law and journalism. Her work experience is in investigation. To me this is a full circle of experience where Helane Morrison can see corruption from all the different angles. That is something that many compliance officers just do not have.

For Helane Morrison she has been in the shoes of a journalist so she knows about the breaking of stories that involved corruption. She has worked on litigation cases so she knows about corruption from a standpoint of a lawyer. She has also been in place to do the investigations and uncover the corruption as it is happening. That is something that few compliance officers have the ability to do. That means that Helane has the ability to totally process corruption in the corporate world from the standpoint of the executive to the journalist that is capturing the story.

A large number of companies may have people in positions that may think that they could get away with corruption and never get caught. Helane Morrison has a history of strong investigative skills. She has managed to surround herself with the right people and learn what she needed to learn to become good counsel for Hall Capital. I think that her ability to provide this type of counsel will keep Hall Capital away from the corruption traps that many other companies may fall into.

I admire this because the role of a compliance officer is a hard job. There are going to be people in executive leadership that will not like her. She will have to sometimes serve as a whistle blower on actions that others may have overlooked. Helane has to work hard to fight corruption.


The Serious Business of Being Doxxed

Once private information has been published online, being harassed may be right around the proverbial corner. Private information is supposed to remain private to keep a lot of hassles from occurring. The internet does attract some mischievous – and downright evil – people who want to dump people’s private documents online. Once the documents are published online, they are for public consumption.

To avoid being doxxed is not always easy. There are no guaranteed steps that can be taken. However, as The Daily Beast notes, there are quite a few helpful steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of something going wrong.

The most basic of basic steps should never be overlooked. Protecting passwords on email, banking, and other private accounts is an absolute must to reduce the likelihood of a third-party breaching entry. Changing privacy preferences on social media platforms to keep content from being indexed from the search engines is another.

Taking quick action to address a document dump is advisable as well. The best action to take is to contact a legitimate professional reputation management firm to handle the case. Status Labs of Austin, TX is one of the top firms in the industry. Darius Fisher is the executive who runs Status Labs and he contributed solid advice to The Daily Beast’s article. Fisher and Status Labs have established a strong track record in the industry. The company has serviced a significant number of clients in only a few short years.

The board of advisors to Status Labs consists of very experienced names in public relations and reputation management. This bit of information, along with the fact the company has expanded greatly over the past year, should build confidence in potential clients.

Getting doxxed is a serious situation. Work with serious people to have things fixed. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more.


NutriMost Video Is Copied and Lawsuit Follows

The diet program called NutriMost has recently run into trouble with a rival diet program. The rival is called Healthy Living, and they have actually stolen something quite valuable from NutriMost.

On the NutriMost website, there was a promotional video that featured a chiropractic doctor from Pennsylvania explaining the valuable tenets of NutriMost. The Healthy Living website actually stole this idea and put it on their own website. They exactly copied the video and changed only the name to their own.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Now, NutriMost has filed a suit with the Manhattan court. Unlike the failing Healthy Living program, NutriMost is a top quality weight loss program that does not use hormones, surgeries, annoying exercise programs, prepackaged meals or unhealthy shots and pills. They want to remain separate from Healthy Living.

Is NutriMost Right for You?

If you are interested in losing unwanted weight for medical reasons, good for you. It’s important to be at a healthy weight in order to live the life you want to live and live for a long time. With the NutriMost program, you have many options because it was formulated to fit any body type and any individual. The professional doctors who worked alongside those NutriMost were keenly aware of the differences in body types, so they made the program for everyone.

You will also learn a lot with the NutriMost program. For example, with this program, you will learn how to turn your adrenal glands and energy on as well as how to get even better sleep. The diet has a cellular basis, and it can completely change your life.

If you’re sick and tired of carrying all that extra weight around, give NutriMost a change. The benefits of this amazing program will astound you, and you’ll be down your first 10 or 20 pounds before you even know it.

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Getting the Best from Your Medicare and InnovaCare

As people approach their 65th birthdays they start receiving notices about their eligibility for Medicare and are encouraged to sign up within a specific time frame. It is very important to do this so you will not be assessed a penalty for signing up late.

There is much to learn about this addition to your current health plan choice and it is worth the time to examine all the options you have. Based on your individual health care needs there are different options to choose. Many like the convenience of having everything under one plan and if your current care plan will convert to Medicare and give you all the benefits you currently have and need, this can be a sound choice because you will not have to change providers or doctors.

Check with your insurance provider and see what they will cover on Medicare and if you will need to sign up for the Part D coverage or a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers everything. Some plans will even cover dental and vision care for a small monthly fee, and Medicare can roll this into your Part D payment to your selected provider. Many coverage plans will continue your coverage as it stands with the addition of Medicare and simply have Medicare pay the premium through your Part D eligibility and some may even automatically enroll you in their Medicare Advantage Plan when you become eligible. Make an appointment to review all your options and understand how this will affect your coverage. Remember that it can take three months for Medicare payments to take effect and you want to be sure that the premiums are being paid during this time. Many plans may still charge a co-pay to visit your doctor and for prescriptions, so continue to keep track of your out of pocket expenses including mileage. AARP also offers some Medicare Supplement plans that can help cover some of these costs.

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One popular provider is Innova Health Care which is in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area covering 2 million people annually. A not-for profit company that started with one hospital in 1956, InnovaCare now contains a host of services including 5 hospitals, 140 service locations, doctors and specialized care to meet the needs of its patients. Leading this prestigious group of care providers are Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, & Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer.

InnovaCare Health continually works to improve its services by reviewing it’s practices to provide the best value to patients. Looking outside their networks for the best medical processes and personnel like Penelope Kokkinides and seeking national and international recognition with world renowned specialty care and the best in corporate and consumer health programs accepting coverage plans such as Aetna, Anthem and CareFirst Blue Cross, Cigna and United Health Care.

InnovaCare Health is great and you have earned it and may save you money and provide some extra benefits. Be sure you understand all that you are entitled to and how to make the most of your coverage with the plan you choose.

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