Being Proud To Buy Beneful Premium Dog Foods

What kind of dog food do you pick up for your dog when you go shopping? You have to realize something very important here. The type of dog food that you buy for your dog makes up what kind of dog he or she becomes. If you are buying cheap dog food, then you must not care about the well being of your dog. Cheap dog food makes your dog lazy, lethargic and generally boring. If you are wise enough to invest in buying the high quality foods that premium brands manufacture for dogs, then you will likely have a happier, smarter and well balanced dog. Premium brands are for premium dogs. I guess the question I should be asking you is, “What type of dog do you want to have?”

What Type Of Dog Do You Have?

If you have a premium dog, then premium pet food is the only option. Look into what these brands do to make their products. I will let you know about an article that I found online. It’s from the Daily Herald, and it gives some great, valuable insight into the premium pet food industry. The premium manufactures of pet foods actually care what goes into their products. They have pride in the high quality ingredients that they purchase for their blends.

Beneful is the brand that I trust. They are made by Purina, and they only use high quality ingredients to make their pet foods. They have a variety of nutritious blends of dog foods available at reasonable prices on Amazon, so you can stock your pantry full of things that your dog likes to eat. Dogs love the flavor of Beneful.

My dog likes Chopped Blends from Beneful the best. It’s her favorite. She likes the kind that is made with real chicken. It also has other real ingredients. Chopped Blends has real vegetables and rice. The kind that I get for her has tomato and carrot in it. It looks great and smells great. If you would like some more information on premium pet foods, then check out this article.



Chennai Flood Relief Receives Help From QNET

An Asian leader in e-commerce and direct selling, QNET has reinforced its support for Chennai and the victims of the recent flooding there while at IIFA Utsavam. Through QNET, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund with receive Rs. 75 Lakhs in contributions.

The donation was made possible through QNET – WE CARE, QNET India’s CSR initiative. It was formally handed over during the awards ceremony by Mr. T Srinivas Yadav, the Minister for Commercial taxes and Cinematography for the State of Telangana.

A first of its kind, IIFA Utsavam was an awards ceremony organized by the IFFA stable to recognize talent in film making in Southern India from a wide display of talent. Held in Hyderabad, the theme of the year was dedicated to the Chennai region and the recent flood tragedy and the support of Southern India. QNET’s sponsoring of the event reinforces their commitment to the effort.

QNET – WE CARE was set up to support underprivileged members of Indian society and the causes that matter most to them like personal health care, poverty concerns, sports and education initiatives for the physically infirm, victims of natural disasters and more. Prior to this last round of charitable giving, QNET assisted in handing out relief kits containing basic supplies like sheets, cooking utensils and equipment, and basic hygiene products, to 200 families in the Meenambakkam region to help them cope with the aftermath of the flood.

Known throughout Asia as a direct selling company, QNET offers an expansive variety of essential products through its online platform to private customers and disparate distributors within the borders of India and to more than 100 countries all over the world. Corporate functions are made possibly by a reliable and professional staff operating in about 25 offices and agencies in different markets, not including local collaborators and franchises in different countries including the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Mussafah and Dubai. In Asia, QNET has a proud history that originated in Hong Kong back in 1998, where it is a member of the Hong Kong Health Food Association. As a member of the Direct Selling Association, QNET operated with, and collaborates with partners stationed in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

In addition to their business interests and philanthropic work, QNET is an active and proud sponsor of sports organizations in different athletic disciplines that directly mirror their commitment to passion and teamwork that makes their business function. Most recently, QNET has signed a partnership to help support the Manchester City Football Club and will operate as an official direct selling partner for the next three years.

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World Wide Data With FreedomPop

FreedomPop, a Los Angeles based mobile company is expanding. With sights set on international markets, they are launching a new global hotspot. This is allow users a single data connection world wide. Enabling users to go where ever they need or want and using their same phone and plan is a huge plus for mobile users. Whether it is work related or personal, being able to have your everyday phone anywhere on the planet is a huge convenience. So much of our everyday lives is tied up with our mobile phones, we sometimes feel we cannot do without it.

Initially available in the United States and the United Kingdom for no charge except for your device purchase, FreedomPop is now expanding into 25 more countries in Europe. They also have plans to add more than 40 more countries included in Latin America and Asia. With the addition of new countries, SIM will update and allow each mobile user the new additions.

The launch price is now 49.99. It will eventually go up to 99.99 so join now and be connected to anywhere in the world where FreedomPop is available. This promotional price won’t last forever and when users see the benefits of this global hotspot it will take off. You can also purchase a SIM for an additional ten dollars. FreedomPop is on the cutting edge of connecting the world with one hotspot. Get it one the great rate and great service today while the promotional rate still applies.

Why George Soros’ Market Collapse Scenario Makes Sense

In late 2015 and early 2016, nervous and apathetic investors around the world chose to not take their chances as they noticed the ongoing shift of the Chinese economy. As a result, global markets have taken a beating while analysts wonder if the global financial crisis will derail the burgeoning recovery of the American economy.

One respected market guru who has been paying close attention to the turmoil in the markets is billionaire investor George Soros. In the early days of the New Year, Soros appeared at an economic forum in Sri Lanka and deliver a gloomy forecast; he believes that the current market conditions indicate that a 2008-like economic crisis is looming.

Writing for MarketWatch, financial journalist Mark DeCambre reported on some of the statements that Soros made to the Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times newspaper after the conference in Colombo. In essence, Soros believes that the situation in China is being exacerbated by devaluation of the yuan, which in turn is a reaction to the ongoing shift of the most powerful Asian economy.

China is seeking a way to extend the massive growth it enjoyed from the late 20th century until recently. At this time, China is unable to replicate the unbridled growth it experienced until a couple of years ago, and this situation is causing the yuan to quickly lose value. This is just one reason why investors are losing confidence and routing the markets; another major reason can be explained by the concerns expressed by George Soros.

In 2008, Wall Street came tumbling down due to the irrational exuberance of investment banking firms that placed heavy bets on the U.S. housing market, subprime mortgages and exotic debt instruments. All it took was a slowdown of the real estate economy to collapse the house of cards. Soros is worried that a similar house of cards has been created over the last few years, but this time around the cards are made of sovereign debt.

The current global debt volume is estimated to be around $255 trillion, which means that it surpasses the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 250 percent. With entities such as the World Bank forecasting weak GDP growth for the rest of this decade, Soros believes that China’s debt levels, which are connected to many other nations, could be the catalyst that will cause a crisis similar to the one experienced in 2008.

Flavo Maluf: Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex

Flavo Maluf is a prominent business executive currently working as the chief executive officer at Eucatex. He also chairs Eucatex board of executives since April 2005. Eucatex is a factory with its headquarters based in Brazil, specializing in production of ceiling tiles, doors and panels. Flavo has helped Eucatex grow and venture into new regions including the U.S.A and Europe.

Flavo started his education as a focused individual with an aim to make a name in the business and engineering world. Although his native language was not English, he enrolled at the University of Cambridge in 1989, where he took a course in English. He earned first certificate in English, which offered him a good opportunity to work even with English-based companies. In 1992, Maluf joined Metco Technological Institute in the United States, where he studied engineering.

Flavo Maluf has wide experience and extensive knowledge in engineering and business fields respectively. He has served in various companies including the Rotary Club Taubate, where he helped in the youth with interchange program by finding spots and districts globally and negotiating a place for them. He is skilled in areas such as customer service, automation, manufacturing, management and product development. Maluf has also worked in departments such as supply chain management, training, leadership, strategic planning, business process, budgets, process improvement, continuous improvement and cross-function team leadership. In 1994, he had also worked with OEC Medical Systems in the U.S., handling medical devices.

Currently, as his website shows Flavo Maluf works with Eucatex, where he takes up various responsibilities to help the company achieve its targets. Before joining Eucatex, the company had not expanded its branches to many regions. Its latest branch was in Salto, where it manufactured panels and ceiling tiles. Thanks to Maluf, the company today exports its products to more that 30 countries. It also owns a total of 4 factories based both in Salto and Botucatu. Maluf has ensured Eucatex develops high-tech laboratories to help in its production process, something that has seen it produce paints as well as other products. He respects the environment, and engages in land reforestation so that the company can have more supply of the raw materials it needs.  As the leader of this family business, he’s really been on another level.

Snapping photos could be the new form of shopping

Taking a photo could become the new form of shopping. A new software program called Slyce is pushing the idea that candid photos, taken in every day life, could lead to increase sales. The goal of Slyce is to entice people to snap photos of products that they see around them, whether it be shoes, dresses, hats, etc. These photos would be taken with a smartphone and optimally take the user directly to the brand name product sales page. Slyce has several options and can be integrated into pre-existing retail websites.

If the software is unable to find a certain item, it will suggest similar items to users. This isn’t a new feature, many websites offer this service in order to try and interest users to browse around selections. Slyce has an app for both iOS and Android markets. Although bear in mind this isn’t the only photo and image recognition sales app on the market. Amazon has tried something similar. The usefulness of this type of visual recognition software that is tied to sale all boils down to its efficiency. Users must be able to easily take a photo and have the software give an accurate recognition.

New ads and websites that are more composed of visual images seem to be more engaging with potential customers. A few companies are testing out websites that use more photos than text. Pinterest and allow for photo searching and also have a purchasing option for when the item is found.

Since google is integrating reverse photo searching more heavily, the possibility that retailers could reach out to mobile users is entirely feasible. As smartphones get smarter, shopping is continually becoming easier and easier. Programs like Slyce could be more apparent and gain more general support if the public sees it as a more convenient form of traditional online shopping.

Analysis of Dick DeVos’s Charity GivingDick

Dick DeVos has given a total of $90.9 million in annual givings in the past year. An analysis is being made on the efforts that was put forth into charitable giving to philanthropic efforts. Dick DeVos has used five of his family foundations in order to support many charitable causes. He has given in a wide variety of organizations which include schools, institutions and organizations that provide education to children.

Dick and his family are very passionate about education, and they really want to see people get the highest quality of education possible so that they can improve their lives and life in general. This is why he and his wife Betsy founded their own aviation focused public high school. Dick is a passionate flight enthusiast himself and has been known to land his helicopters in downtown Grand Rapids from time to time.

DeVos is a loving husband and a family man. He is married with four children and two granddaughters. A couple of them are studying full time. Four of his children are active in their business careers. Dick has been married for 30 years to Betsy DeVos. He himself has proven to be a great parent and a role model for his children. He has graduated Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University. At the beginning of his career, he has worked with Amway Corporation in various divisions holding different positions.

One thing that can be said about Dick’s career is that he has made a lot of progress. He has climbed the ladder overall in his career. In 10 years of working for Amway since 1974, he has become the Vice President of the company. From that position, he has led the expansion into almost 20 countries. Dick has also expanded into owning franchise which included the Orlando Magic Franchise in 1991. Afterwards, he went back to Amway and worked as the President of the company. Amway has experienced record sales under the management of DeVos.

Dick is an example of a man who is very responsible, ambitious, and generous. He doesn’t work very hard just to hoard all of his earnings to himself, he works hard just so he can share his wealth with plenty of others who are struggling with various issues. One thing that has made it possible for him to climb to the top was that he has shown a lot of passion for what he is doing. He has also shown a lot of joy in his work. When one does not enjoy what he is doing, that could make his work life very difficult. He especially enjoys giving to people for meaningful causes.

The Joys and Discoveries of the Internet and Skout for Teens

The internet is an amazing place. It is like the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt. Which was home to the greatest single collection of knowledge the world has ever known. Religious zealots, who felt that knowledge challenged their religion, burned the library to the ground, and with its destruction, priceless knowledge and information perished forever.

Today, the internet is the world’s library of knowledge. One problem is the multitude of misinformation and propaganda within the internet. But information, knowledge, is there. The internet is a museum to all things beautiful and worthwhile, but it is also a dungeon of carnal, maleficent collections which can weaken the knees of most normal people. Like the world, the internet is beautiful and ugly, depending on where you look. But the caveat is this, it can not be altered. No judgement about what is good or bad can be made without destroying the integrity of the internet. Yes, it is disgusting, but so is war and the killing of innocent children. To eliminate something because it is unseemly or upsets a person’s perspective about what is correct or what is deemed bad, is to destroy freedom, and no one wants to do that. It is the same as throwing the baby out with the bath water. People who are offended by what is in the internet should avoid it all together.

Some people are offended by scenes of violence, others don’t like to see any representation of nudity or pornography on the internet. It is time to get over these stigmatas, and realize what is, truly, important in this war ravaged world we live in.

But when children enter the internet, it is the job of the parent to guide them through the boulevards and avenues of the internet, avoiding the one-way streets and back alleys.

When a child reaches the dating age, this is the time for extreme caution. What seems innocent to an young boy or girl, can prove fatal, and predators are lurking on the internet in efforts to deprive children of their innocence and more.

Skout is an application for cell phones, when the GPS function of the phone is actuated, it can put a young person in touch with another nearby youngster. It is a truly amazing application but one in which discretion must play an important part in its use. If the parent who has realized the benefits of the internet, and has imbued their children with a sense of self worth and personal responsibility, then this youth should be prepared for the, sometimes, nasty situations in life. It is the child who is insulated from the negative aspects of life, who is most subjected to becoming the victim in these circumstances.

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Healthy Competition in the Healthy Dog Food Niche

The latest rage in the $10.5 billion dog food industry is technically dog food, though you may be fooled by smelling and looking at it. With ingredients like lean duck meat, real vegetables, cranberries and blueberries, Fido’s dinner may rival mine in palatability and nutrition. Sales of this premium dog food are up 45% since 2009, and both upstart and established pet food companies are optimistic of more growth in the niche. Blue Buffalo is expected to capture almost 10% of industry sales this year after going public this summer, while Freshpet is hoping its introduction of refrigerated displays in over 15,000 stores nationwide will expand its 1% share of the market. This is actually one time I am be ahead of the trend. I have been feeding my dog, Zeb, Purina Store’s Beneful brand for years. I had been feeding Zeb the cheapest food I could find, but began looking for a healthier food when I noticed he started to become a little overweight. Beneful did not catch my eye from a refrigerated display case, rather the ingredients captured my attention. Real meat, vegetables, fruit and whole grains are ingredients shared by both Purina Beneful and the pricier new and rebranded healthy dog foods. Beneful has the benefits of human level nutrition as well. Antioxidants and a healthy balance of carbohydrates and protein have helped to ensure optimum health and well being for Zeb since he has been enjoying his new favorite fare. Beneful even offers healthy baked snacks and desserts with the same nutritious ingredients as the kibble. All in all, dog and man are very happy with our more affordable choice!

Soros Didn’t Fund The #BlackLivesMatter With $33 Million



A rumor that has been on the air for some time now that George Soros, the liberal billionaire, funded the #BlackLivesMatter protests that has pushed mainstream outlets as well as conspiracy theorists by one of the open source foundation directors.


In the beginning in the blackLivesMatter protests that have been interrupted speeches including Bernie sanders as well as Joeb Bush in the past month, social media and voices, general interest sites as well as right-wing blogs are all pointing out to this conspiracy that surrounds the funding of that protest by George Soros with a sum o f$33 Million.


This movement called the #Blacklivesmatter that is largely and entirely funded by George Soros is a major problem for all democrats. This is what Thomas Lifson, the American thinker wrote in this past week. Some of the rumors are now going viral as much as appearing in the powerhouse of Forex news ratings in late July by The O’Reilly Factor.


Bill O’Reilley said that one of the largest donors of this movement is George Soros and donating huge sums of money to the movement as well as directing businesses with them. He said that in a segment in July 28th. He further said that George Soros is giving money to the group of Beyonce and jayZ. At that moment the O’Reilley’s guest was Riddell Kelly, who had written a report for the Washington news anchor Times about the kind of charity that Soros is being involved in with some organizations.


The BlackLivesMatter is a movement that was commenced by three workers of the Soros open source foundations and those women are now riling activists. They form one standpoint and get their funding from the liberal billionaire and philanthropist George Soros. He points out that George Soros continues to fund the group in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. George Soros would dedicate more that $33 million for all those organizations.


More than 33 million dollars from the billionaire are organized to cause disruption as stated by Ridell in his interview by O’Reilley. The target of all this is the Cleveland republicans as well as the national convention. But one of the directors at the foundation is now claiming that there is no money that has come out of the billionaire to fund such claims strongly. He also states that there is no money that has been given to the three women to push forward the BlacklivesMatter on twitter movement.


Ken Zimmerman, the open source foundations director said that he cannot understand where rumors come from and he cannot understand as well where one thinks before he starts relinquishing such kind of rumors. The three women came up with twitter trend hashtag #BlacklivesMatter to bring attention to the death of the young black American. This phrase is gaining prominence in social media. The daily beast has now reported this hashtag has become the umbrella for everything that is a decentralized network from blogs to movie lecturers or nights. This information can be found inTheDailyBeast.